2019 The W Gordon Smith and Mrs Jay Gordonsmith Award, RSW Annual Exhibition.

2018 RSW Prize for Watercolour to mark the 70th Birthday of our Patron
The Prince Charles. RSW Annual Exhibition.

2011 Cyril Gerber Award, Paisley Art Institute Annual Exhibition.

2009 The Rendezvous Gallery Award / Dr J K Davidson Award. RSW Annual Exhibition.

2007 Arthire, The Artist Frameshop Award, Paisley Art Institute Annual Exhibition.

2001 May Marshall Brown Award, RSW Annual Exhibition.

1978 Benno Schotz Award, Glasgow Group Annual.

1976 Gertrude Annie Lauder Award, Glasgow Art Club.

1967 Travelling Scholarship to Rome and Florence. Edinburgh College of Art Award

1966 Central Schools of Art Prize. Edinburgh College of Art.

1966 Andrew Grant Post-Graduate Scholarship, Edinburgh College of Art.